• Russian Doll

    'an excellent debut novel that can be highly recommended'- Undiscovered Scotland

    In an independent Scotland, Russia attempts a soft occupation under the noses of the novice government. Anna, a producer at the Scottish Broadcasting Company, is caught in the cross fire as she attempts to sneak fair material onto the airwaves. Against her best intentions, she finds herself falling for a Russian diplomat tasked with delivering Scotland into Moscow's hands.

    As war looms, will this relationship save, or destroy, Anna?

    Available direct through this site, through Comely Bank Publishing, or at all good bookshops.



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    Notes from my Life

    window shopping website

    Shopping local this Christmas

    With Christmas markets closed this winter, local businesses are struggling to get exposure.

    I've created a website where people can browse local businesses and click through to their own stores.

    www.shoppinglocaledinburgh.co.uk has a super array of gifts, from stationery to clothing. Please take a look!

    Free Russian Doll copies during lockdown!

    With the libraries shut and everyone stuck at home, I've made Russian Doll free on many ebook sites, to donate a bit of escapism.




    On Amazon, however, the lowest price can be $0.99, so I've done that




    Happy reading!

    Tied In Knots

    Work in progress

    Taking off in a yacht and enjoying the Greek Islands may be some people's idea of heaven, but what if it's your idea of hell, yet your husband is going to make you do it?

    Sheila's being taken on an adventure of a lifetime, but it's not her own.

    When she overcomes her fears and learns how to sail, she discovers power she never knew she had, and a whole new life.

    Library Visits

    It's always a pretty daunting prospect, coming in to a room of strangers to chat about your own novel. But I've been pleasantly surprised this last summer, having travelled far and wide meeting people who have shown an interest in Russian Doll.

    Generally very attentive, inquisitive and welcoming.

    I try to do my best to reach out to people interested in the book, so please be in touch if you'd like me to come and chat about it.


    A flock of swans are scattered across the water as we cut through the channel, carefully ensuring red buoy on the left, green on the right.

    Wild horses graze on the far side, a small speedboat drones past, its three occupants barely sitting above the water height as the vessel struggles on.

    The breeze is welcome. This is our personal taxi, a first, and we glide along enjoying the sun, the peace, reading the names of moored boats and imagining centuries of trade passing through these waters.

    Book Launch, Blackwell's Bookshop

    May 2018

    Nerves jangling, people arriving, vodka tonics being served up... then a good chat with Jane Bradley from the Scotsman before a mammoth signing session.

    Really enjoyed myself, and delighted at the turnout, but pleased it's over!


    Hot, suffocating air, ruffled by the sea breeze. Glinting cars queued up for the chain ferry. Heat rippling the air, sky a vibrant blue, the beach bleached by the sun. An old red telephone box, standing adjacent fto a telegraph pole.

    Brass with a jazz beat escapes from a car. A cigarette tip peeps out a window. A sailing boat pops into view between sand dunes, and races ahead of the clanking ferry. Speed boats zip about in the sea.

    The ferry creaks into place. We rush to the car and move on.

    Author Events

    Summer 2018

    I've got a growing list of libraries the length of the UK where I'll be chatting about Russian Doll- Colinton, in Edinburgh, on the 27th June, Rossmore in Poole on the 5th July, Boscombe on the 6th July, and Campbeltown on the 27th July. Phew!

    If you're interested in hearing more about an author event or a potential visit by me, please just get in touch at lucylloyd@comelybankpublishing.com Lx

    The chaps I'm publishing my book with. A decent site to look around if you're interested in publishing collectives.

  • Where I Come From

    Basically: science, sport and speech radio.

    I grew up in Glasgow, spending holidays in Argyll and Fife, giving me a love of the coast and cycling. I studied Biochemistry at St Andrews University, which I adored, and learned a little about science, before completing a PhD at Cambridge, where I learnt that far smarter people than me carved out careers in research. There I discovered a passion for radio, commentating incoherently on rowing races as I careered dangerously on my bike along the towpath.


    I researched for independent production companies in London and Edinburgh before transerring to the BBC, where I ultimately made radio programmes across the genres- history, science, the arts, politics and human stories. Then I had kids and learnt about patience.


    Now I still play hockey, which I learnt at school, but now I train on astrotruf instead of blaze. When I started there was an offside rule...


    I run regularly, garden, cook, and I raise my two young girls.

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